Wednesday, June 27, 2012


Gone South

This blog - this "Little Mind Lost" - sits mostly dormant and under utilized (utilised, if you're British).  So few know of this one, I feel I could possibly say more than I do in my much more public blog.  But then, who wants to listen (or READ, as the case may be) to the rants of a man slowly losing his mind?

LM(Love Muffin) isn't home enough.

#3 Son isn't doing as well, in school as he should.

I have almost $30,000 dollars of school loans for him - how the hell am I supposed to retire?  Because I don't want to die while working.

I want to paint and write and fix bicycles.  I want to be done working - or should I say, I want to work on what I want to work on, not what I have to work on.  Does that make sense?

Sometimes - it just seems like it's all gone south - nothing is working out how we planned.


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