Friday, November 18, 2005


Goose Pimples ...

This morning, while going through my ritual reading of '', I
saw an article which stated that the FEC (Federal Election Commision)
considers bloggers to be journalists - and therefore eligible for the
privileges of the press. Suddenly I find I need to consider this blog in
a whole new light. Journalism is serious stuff and not to be taken
lightly. Words written here may live forever and certainly will have an
audience much larger than just the author.

I get goose pimples all over.

Since the government agency involved with all of this is the FEC, please
allow the following rant:

Since when did the white Christian Right (you know, the guys with the
impeccably tailored suits and perfectly coiffed hair) become the de
facto leadership of the Republican Party? I would remind America that
there was a time when the public face of people just like these guys was
disguised by bedsheets with eyeholes cut in them. The white sheet crowd
used to consider themselves patriots - they thought they knew what was
best for America and the felt no compunction about imposing their will
on others. The Christian Right, in a similar vein, seems to think they
know what's best for America and they are bound and determined to see
that we toe the line. But moreover, their view of the world is the same
- they think they know what's best for the world (the American Way) and
they are going about the business of imposing their will on others.

I would remind them that 2400 years ago the city-state of Athens did the
same thing. They lost the resulting war - the whole known world turned
against them and in the end, the promise of the Greeks and their culture
was lost. The whole world paid a price for the failure of Athens. No
less a price will be paid when and if WE fail.

The answer is simple. Come elections, turn the Republicans out, and keep
them out until they reform their leadership. It's just like a big lawn
party where all of these ignorant and uncaring people come and trash the
place while they're having a real good time. You know you're going to
have to clean up and the longer these people stay the more you're going
to have to do to restore order to the place. So run them out as quick as
you can and minimize the work you're going to have to do to clean up

And here we are, 6-1/2 years later. Sad, isn't it? If anything, they've only gotten worse. Now they're ready to take on women. Meh.
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